Mark Dohnalek


Mark Dohnalek, as President and CEO, leads Pivot International’s global core business in the US, UK and Asia utilizing his experience of over 35 years in manufacturing, product development and business management. His broad spectrum of experiences in manufacturing, engineering, biometric, security, industrial consumer, and medical product solutions have enabled him to grow the company and expand in European and Asian markets.

Since he acquired Pivot in 2012, he has leveraged his business experience and passion for innovation to develop, engineer and manufacture solutions for clients in various industries.

Mark Bartlett


Mark Bartlett, Director of Avatar Engineering, is an engineering professional delivering proven results in product design across a wide variety of applications, including: Printed Circuit Board Design, Electronic Packaging, Documentation, Supplier Qualification, Manufacturing, Assembly and Test Solutions.

He has vast experience in multiple industries including industrial, scientific instruments, agricultural, public safety, transportation, and communication.

Dave Coughlin


Dave Coughlin leads the global operations ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively as the company grows and our client roster expands in the US, Asia and the Europe.

Dave’s career encompasses over 30 years of experience in engineering, quality, supply chain management, manufacturing operations, and executive management. Dave was Vice President of Manufacturing Operations at Heatron, Inc.

He served in a variety of roles for BE Aerospace during his 17-year tenure, including Vice President of Operations & Engineering. Dave has a Mechanical Engineering Degree as well as an MBA.


We design, engineer, manufacture and support products in the industrial markets. We focus primarily in the agricultural, transportation, industrial and scientific instrument (ISM) markets. This focus means our clients receive the best customer service and most cost-effective custom electronic product design solutions.

Avatar Engineering has been in business since 1999 and has over 175 years of product engineering and manufacturing experience. We understand the harsh industrial and food grade environments and design your custom electronic product to withstand them.